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1st Day School Supplies
Dear Parents, I am so excited to announce our new partnership with 1st Day School Supplies! We have collaborated with 1st Day School Supplies to help parents and teachers get the exact supplies needed for next school year without the hassle and aggravation of shopping.

Mommy and Me Summer Classes 2017

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Technology News
“I did it!” some exclaimed after successfully navigating characters on the computer screen through a maze. But if you looked a little closer, a computer science lesson was happening.

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What is Happening Around Visitation?
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As a Catholic School graduate, you know the value and enduring benefits of a Catholic education: academic high standards, personal motivation, and a strong spiritual foundation. By embracing modern technology and retaining our core values, Visitation continues to thrive. With your help many, many more students can enjoy the benefits of our school. Imagine what we can accomplish if you and other alumni are involved!

Visitation...the best school!
....As my study at Felician comes to an end, I have to say that Visitation Academy is the best school that I had ever been placed in as a student teacher. From the moment that I walked into the school, I felt I was welcomed by everyone, including the parents. This is exactly what happens in the Gospel when Mary visits her cousin, Elizabeth. From this perspective, I would say that the community of the Visitation Academy really lives up to its name.

September 7, 2012 - The United States Department of Education has recognized Visitation Academy Interparochial as a NATIONAL BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE. The Department of Education recognized 50 private and 219 public schools across the country for this prestigious award which is based on the schools overall academic excellence.

Visitation Academy is noted as receiving this esteemed award based on our “Exemplary High Performance” which is measured by state assessments and nationally-normed tests.

Thu Jun 22
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Fri Jun 23
» Mommy and Me 9:30am - 11am
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Mon Jun 26
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Tue Jun 27
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Wed Jun 28
» Mommy and Me 9:30am-11am
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Thu Jun 29
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Fri Jun 30
» Mommy and Me 9:30am-11am
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Mon Jul 3
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Tue Jul 4
» No Classes. Happy 4th of JULY!!!
Wed Jul 5
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Thu Jul 6
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Fri Jul 7
» Summer Enrichment (3,4,5) 9am-12pm; 9am-3pm
Wed Jul 12
» Mommy and Me 9:30am-11am
Fri Jul 14
» Mommy and Me 9:30am-11am