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Ms. Brienza


Each grade is to watch the movie listed for their grade only and email me a short summary. 

Grade 6- Planet Earth-Pole to Pole, Episode 1.  48:59 minutes
Grade 7- October Sky (with Jake Gyllenhaal & Laura Dern)  1 hour, 47 minutes
Grade 8- Jurassic Park (FIRST ONE) (with Sam Neil and Laura Dern) 126 min.
Watching these movies will introduce some of the topics we will cover next year: Earth, Rockets, Biology, Dinosaurs. 



THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MS. BRIENZA. Welcome to my world, the wonderful world of science. Come discover, experience and explore the world around you; as well as the wonder of you. Step into the human body through dissection of fish, frogs and piglets. Explore the two final frontiers- space and the oceans. Enjoy science movies, guest speakers and weekly labs.

  SCIENCE..............It's EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

Kohei Nawa’s PixCell Deer #24
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Kohei Nawa begins with a taxidermied deer, then covers the animal in what he calls “PixCell” beads, a term that combines “cell” and “pixel”. This particular work reflects and refracts whatever comes near, while rendering a quiet, sensitive magical creature even more so. On view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of the “Designing Nature, the Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art” exhibit. PixCell combines the idea of a “pixel”, the smallest unit of a digital image, with that of a biological “cell”.

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