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5th Grade Government Report
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Mrs. Trimm



4TH-Wednesday, April 10th at 7:45

5TH-Thursday, April 11th at 7:45

Please email if your child will be attending.



4B continues to work hard each day.   In reading we are now working on the next unit in Journeys.  This unit will cover informational texts with a focus on the skills of sequence of events and using text and graphic features.   In Religion we are learning about how the Holy Spirit acts as our guide. We will also be learning about Lent, Holy Week and Easter throughout March and April.

  In Social Studies the fourth grade has moved on to a new century and the inventions that impacted our world.  Next we will learn about immigration, and World Wars I and II. Fifth grade is now focused on the Midwest.  The students are working on different projects related to the region. We will cover the geography and history of this region.


Please check the website frequently as I will keep you updated on topics being covered.  Upcoming projects, tests, and extended assignments will also be posted.  The students will continue to write their daily homework in their student planners.