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Mrs. Trimm


Wishing all of my students and their famiies best wishes for good health and happiness as we begin a new decade!

A special thank you to everyone for all of your thoughtful and generous gifts at Christmas.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.




5TH GRADE-Extra help will be on Tuesday, January 28th.

Extra help begins at 7:45.  Please email me by the day before if your child will be attending.


Welcome to fourth grade.  My name is Maryann Trimm, and this year I am the fourth grade homeroom teacher and fifth grade Social Studies teacher.  I teach the fourth grade Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Religion.  I know each fourth grader will work to their best ability, and I will do my best to ensure that each student has a successful, enjoyable year.  I also look forward to continuing to work with the new fifth graders.  I know they will continue to be the hard workers they were last year, and that we will accomplish great things together.

In Social Studies the fifth grade has started their journey through the United States.  We are currently learning about the geography and history of the Northeast.  We will then move on to learning about the Southeast. The fourth grade has begun learning about how we became the United States of America, and the forming of our government. During the month of January we will also learn about the importance of the life of Dr. Martin Lutheer King.  As February approaches we will spend time celebrating Black History Month and Presidents' Day.  

Please continue to check the website as I will update it with imortant information, dates, and reminders.  If at any time you need to reach me please email me at  I will check my email on a regular basis, and respond promptly.