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Mrs. Trimm

Welcome to Fourth Grade!


This week the fourth grade will continue their hard work in all areas.  I'm very proud of how well both in class and remote students are adjusting.   This second full week of school will be very busy with our first tests of the year.  We will begin with Reading and Language Arts tests on Tuesday.  We will review again on Monday for both tests. The review Language Arts worksheets sent home are a great way to practice. Later in the week we will begin Lesson 2 in Journeys.  Our next story will be "My Brother Martin."  We will review sentence types, contractions, and short and long e words. In Vocabulary Orange we will have our first test on Friday.  We will finish the workbook pages, and then review together.  Our first Religion test on Chapter 1 will be on Thursday.  In math we will continue to work on place value through the millions.  This week we will complete a mid-chapter review to check progress.    In Social Studies we will continue learning about the geography of the different regions of New Jersey. 

The fifth grade will continue their journey through America with an overview of each of the five regions of the United States.  

Here are some websites available to help review for tests. for Vocabulary Orange  for Religion for different topics

(When using quizlet enter matrimm in the search bar.  Then scroll down for the topic you want to study.)


Keep checking back to my webpage for updated information on what topics we will be covering each week.

Enjoy the pictures of the classroom!


Please continue to check the website as I will update it with imortant information, dates, and reminders.  If at any time you need to reach me please email me at  I will check my email on a regular basis, and respond promptly.