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Mrs. Scheinzeit
Welcome to Middle School Math :)

  • EXTRA HELP AVAILABLE MORNINGS as early as 7:45 AND RECESS (except when I have lunch duty)
  • *This week I am available each morning except Friday and each recess except Tuesday and Friday.


8A/8B-lessons 2.4/2.5-variables on both sides of the = sign/absolute value/*quiz on these 2 lessons 11/12/Lesson 2.6-identifying/completing ratios/proportions

    *IXL-J4/J5/J6-due 11/18-(use Algebra IXL)*11/21-quiz on 2.6-2.7

7A/7B-lessons 3.1-3.3-decimals/fractions/rational numbers-*quiz on these 3 lessons on 11/20

    *IXL-X4/X6-due 11/18 (use grade 7 IXL)

6A/6B-lessons 2.4-2.5-adding/subtracting integers

    *quiz on these 2 lessons on 11/18/*chapter 2 test-11/22 *IXL-N2/N4/N9/N11-due 11/18 (use grade 6 IXL)