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Mrs. Scheinzeit
Welcome to Middle School Math :)
  • EXTRA HELP AVAILABLE MORNINGS as early as 7:30 AND RECESS (except when I have lunch duty)


8-1-*IXL-S5/S6-due2/28/solving inequalities and multi-step equations (5.2/5.3)*quiz on 3/5 on 5.1-5.3

8-2-*IXL-(use algebra)I2/I7-due 2/28/solve one step/multi-step equations (2.2-2.3)*quiz on 3/5 on 2.1-2.3

7-1-*IXL-W2/W7-due 2/28/solve equations with variables on both sides of the = sign/solve inequalities (5.2/5.3)

    *quiz on 3/5 on 5.1-5.3

7-2-*IXL-R1/S2-due 2/28/functions/tables/scatter plots *chapter 1 test on 3/1

6A/6B-*IXL-(use grade 7)-C8/C9-due-2/28/lesson 1.10-function tables/*chapter 1 test on 3/1

    *Pi rap due on 3/6