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Hour of Code 2019 and Programming!
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Hour of Code 2019 and Programming!

Computer Science
Education Week  

Hour of Code

On December 9-13, 2019 all students celebrated Computer Science Education Week with an  Hour of Code  . Students visited  to work on computer science/programming activities.  Using code blocks, they solved puzzles and challenges by programming characters in Ice Age, Angry Bird, Minecraft, Frozen and Dance Party! They were able to solve steps with sequential algorithms and, in some cases, used pair programming to debug programs. The students were happy to help other students when needed and were proud of their accomplishments, especially when they viewed the code behind each programming block. They did a fantastic job in the Hour of Code Activities! Click the link at the bottom of this page to see photos.

Beyond Hour of Code:  Students can enjoy many coding activities after Computer Science Education week's Hour of Code by visiting .

Code is the digital language that runs websites, Apps and more. Giving students a taste of coding means teaching them analytical skills they’ll need in the future.
As part of Computer Science Education Week, all students participated in an Hour of Code , where they got to be Computer Programmers for the day. This year, Hour of Code was held on December 9-13, 2019. All students in Grades K-8 participated. The fun coding activities provided students with the opportunity to use critical thinking skills to analyze possibilities and make predictions in order to obtain desired outcomes. 

For more fun coding activities for kids of all ages, please visit: