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What’s happening in the Computer Lab (pdf)
Computer and Technology Class Procedures and Expectations
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Hour of Code 2019 and Programming!
Student Handbook-Section IX-Technology (pdf)
Makerspace Procedures and Expectations (pdf)
What's happening in the Makerspace?

Mrs. Monticello

Welcome to Computer and Technology Class! 


Our Computer Lab contains Windows 8.1 computers with Internet Access, Microsoft Office, a Scanner, Promethean ActivPanel, Color and Black and White Printers! 

Classes taught: Computers Grades K-8   

Welcome to my webpage! I am the Computer Technology Teacher and Technology Integrator for Visitation Academy. This is my 12th year at the school. I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and have over 25 years experience in education and computer technology. My past experience includes working as a computer trainer and network administrator for Panasonic and Equitable Life.  Additionally, I taught computer engineering to elementary school students at the Gifted Child Society, was the Computer Teacher at Garfield Catholic Academy, and a private school in New York.

My students will use Computers and Microsoft Office, the Internet, iPads, Chromebooks, Promethean ActivPanel and G-Suite for Education  to complete many school and holiday-related projects. I continue to work with our faculty on student projects, STEM and integrating Apps and technologies, such as iPads, SmartBoards, Promethean Panels and Chromebooks to enhance their curriculum.

Students in grades PreK-3 to 8 will have opportunities to visit  the  Makerspace  to work collaboratively, in small groups, using a variety of technology and common materials to complete STEM and programming design challenges. Please refer to the Makerspace Procedures and Expectations.  

Also visit the 2020 Makerspace page to view projects the students have worked on so far this year. 

Please refer to Section IX of the Student Handbook to view responsible and acceptable use of the internet and technology.

Also, please review the CHROMEBOOK USAGE AGREEMENT  for Grades 4-5 and all middle school students.

At Visitation Academy all students from Grades K through 8 receive formal computer and technology instruction once a week for a period of 45 minutes.

  • All students practice keyboarding skills for the first 10 minutes of each session.  Grades K-3 use Tux Typing and students in Grades 4-8 use Typing Club, the Chrome App to learn touch typing using the home row.
  • Students in Grades K-1 use Kid Pix Deluxe and students in Grades 2-8 use Microsoft Office to complete a variety of school related and seasonal projects. They also  use Kidspiration to develop strong thinking skills, strengthen reading and writing skills, and build conceptual understanding in math.
  • Students in Grades 4-5 as well as Middle School Students use
    G-Suite f or Education.
  • Students learn research strategies on the Internet and also learn responsible use of technology.
  • All students learn and practice computer programming skills by visiting and Scratch.
  • Additionally, students will visit the Makerspace to  work collaboratively, in small groups, using robotics, circuitry, a 3-D printer, iPads, Chromebooks and common materials to complete various STEM and programming design challenges.
Please send in a folder containing paper and headphones in a ziplock bag with the student's full name and grade written on the bag.
In order for the computer technology class to be a successful learning environment, all students will follow the Computer and Technology Class Procedures and Expectations.