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Expository Essay Rubric-Endangered Animals (pdf)
Expository Essay (pdf)
Informative Essay MLK and Gandhi (pdf)
Expository Essay Irony (pdf)
Irony Slide Show Project (pdf)
Persuasive Essay Rubric (pdf)
Parallel Structure Speeches (pdf)
Murder Mystery sign up and permission slip (pdf)
Grades powerpoint (pdf)
Halloween Costume Report (pdf)
Personal Narrative Concrete Image (pdf)
Narrative writing (pdf)
Writing a Report (pdf)
Mystery Writing Assignment - Grade 8 (pdf)
Expository Essay Rubric (pdf)
Why commas are important (pdf)
After school

Mrs. Flager

As the year nears to a close, please make sure you are caught up on all your work.  Check PowerSchool for zeros.  Reach out to me by email if you need help.  Continue to be smart and stay safe.


6th grade: Keep using the "Usage" Google Classroom.  Create a Google slide show,  The directions are in Classroom.  

Our Zoom meeting this week will be on Tuesday instead of Monday, but at the usual time.  The links are in Google Classroom.


  7B and 7A: Keep using the "Persuasive Writing" Google Classroom.  You should all be working on your year-end projects.

Our next Zoom meetings will be on Wednesday at the usual times.  The links are in Google Classroom.


8B and 8A: Keep using the "Persuasive Writing" Google Classroom.  You should be finishing your year-end projects.  I hope you have driven past the "Procession of Graduates" on the entrance driveway.  You can get those signs on Thursday when you pick up your belongings.

 Zoom meeting on Wednesday at the usual time.  I will post the link in Google Classroom.  





Check my web page daily for  updates and assignments. We are all in this together, and we will keep learning and growing if we "just keep swimming". 


Finally, remember to pray.  Prayer and patience will get us through this.  Have faith.

Miss you all.






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Technology has been integrated throughout our curriculum.