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Mrs. Delillo



  Welcome to Fifth Grade!


Distance Learning Work: Week of 6/1

****All work will be posted in Google Classroom and is due at the end of each day****


Language Arts – Prepositions/Prepositional Phrases

Monday: Projectable 18.4, Reader’s Notebook p.247

Tuesday: Prepositional Phrases; BrainPop Video and Quiz

Wednesday: Prepositional Phrases; Projectable 18.5, Reader’s Notebook p.248

Thursday: Combining Sentences; Projectable 18.6, Reader’s Notebook p.250

Friday: IXL Module NN: Lessons 1-3



Monday: Revolution and Rights – Close Reader pgs. 40-41

Tuesday: Chapter 12 Skills Test  

Wednesday: Tea Time – Close Reader pgs. 46-49

Thursday: Tea Time – Close Reader pgs. 50-53

Friday: Cold Reads (A New Friend/Dancing No Matter What)


Vocabulary – Unit 18   Test 6/4


Religion - Family Life Unit 5   Test 6/4


Math (5) – Polygons

Monday: Zoom Review – 5B @ 9:00, 5A @ 11:00

Tuesday: Chapter 15 Quiz

Wednesday: IXL Module BB: Lessons 1-3

Thursday: IXL Module BB: Lessons 6-8


Math (4) – Fractions and Decimals

Monday: Decimal Place Value – workbook pgs. 207-208

Tuesday: Order Decimals – workbook pgs. 211-212

Wednesday: Zoom Review @ 9:00

Thursday: Chapter 13 Quiz