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Mrs. Delillo



  Welcome to Fifth Grade!


Distance Learning Work: Week of 5/26

****All work will be posted in Google Classroom and is due at the end of each day****


Language Arts - Adverbs

Tuesday: Reviewing Adverbs

Wednesday: Zoom Review @ 9:00

Thursday: Adverb Test

Friday: Using Adverbs in Writing; Reader’s Notebook p. 239


Reading - Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?

Tuesday: Review Questions

Wednesday: Zoom Review @ 9:00

Thursday: Figurative Language; Reader’s Notebook p. 239


Vocabulary – Unit 18


Religion – Family Life Unit 4 – Test Friday, May 29


Math (5) – Geometry

Tuesday: Polygons (workbook pgs. 257-258)

Wednesday: Triangles (workbook pgs. 259-260)

Thursday: Mid-Chapter Review (textbook pgs. 346-347)

Friday: Quadrilaterals (workbook pgs. 261-262)


Math (4) – Fractions and Decimals

Tuesday: Equivalent Fractions: Rename Tenths and Hundredths (workbook pgs. 199-200)

Wednesday: Add and Subtract Fractions with Denominators of 10 and 100 (workbook pgs. 201-202 evens)

Thursday: Tenths and Hundredths as Fractions and Decimals (workbook pgs. 203-204)

Friday: Decimals Greater Than One (workbook pgs. 205-206)