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Mrs. Delillo



  Welcome to Fifth Grade!



         Welcome back! This is my second year at Visitation Academy. Last year, I worked as the team teacher in first, second and third grade. This year I will be one of the fifth grade homeroom teachers and I will work with the fourth and fifth grade math classes. If you need to reach me please feel free to email me at I am looking forward to an exciting and eventful year.


Math Grade 4:  Multiplication ; Lesson 4-1:Multiplication Properties; Computation Quiz - 11/12; Lesson 4-2: Use Place-Value Models; Lesson 4-3: Multiply Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands; Lesson 4-4: Estimate Products 

Math Grade 5:  Division; Lesson 4-2: Estimate Compatible Numbers; Lesson 4-3: One-Digit Divisors;Lesson 4-4: Zeros in the Quotient: Lesson 4-5: Divisibility and Mental Math 

Language Arts : Verbs 

Writing: Informative Writing 

Reading:  Story selection: "Elisa's Diary"; skills: theme, dialogue, sequencing suffixes -ful, -ly: Story Selection: "Quest For The Tree Kangaroo"; skill: cause and effect 

Religion:  Sacramentals: Signs of God's Love

Vocabulary: Unit 5


Upcoming Tests

Tuesday 11/12 -  Grammar (Plural Nouns/Collective Nouns)

Wednesday 11/13 -  Reading "Elisa's Diary"

Friday 11/15 - Vocabulary Unit 5

Wednesday 11/20 -  Religion Chapter 4 Sacramentals: Sign's of God;s Love


** I will be available for extra help on Thursday mornings before school. Please let me know the day before if you would like your child to come in for extra help


** Due to our schedule we will not be able to have birthday treats in the classroom for student birthdays